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Lioness Vizions LLC.

is a multi-media company

that focuses on a wide range of

services in the book publishing

and music arena. 


Our publishing services including

a variety of editorial packages;

ebook formatting, paperback

or hardback printing, and book

cover design. We also offer resume

writing, manuscript critique and

consultation. Our music services

include singing, song and jingle

writing, session singers,

and more. 

In 2016 we are branching out to include music and audio-visual productions. 

©2018 Lioness Vizions, LLC. All rights reserved.


Services and Editing Packages

Our editing packages are our most popular service. We take pride in treating your manuscript as if it were our own to ensure it is not only something that our clients are happy with, but the readers who read their masterpieces as well. We believe that aside from the actual writing process, editing is the next most important step that should not be skipped. It is important to know that there are different types of editing that serve different purposes, and even the most well known authors have their work professionally edited. Here at Lioness Vizions LLC. we believe that your project is your baby. Our goal is not to change your story, or the voice of your story, but to enhance your vision and help you share your dreams with the world.

Ebook Conversion: This is the process of making your book compatible in ebook (electronic book) format such as on Amazon, Kindle, Nook etc.

Price: Please contact us for quote.


ISBN Purchase: ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is not a necessity in all cases, but it is required if you want your book to be available to other publishers, libraries and book stores to carry your book(s).

Price: Please contact us for quote

Book Cover Design: The cover of your book is the first thing that people will see. The colors used and design make a world of difference. This includes the ISBN on the back cover. We welcome any ideas that you may have and will try our best to bring your vision to life. 

Price: Varies depending on the complexity of the design. Please contact us for a quote.

Filing for Copyright Registration: This is not mandatory, but suggested for your protection. By having your hard work and creative “baby” filed with Library of Congress, ensures that you keep 100% of your rights as an author and protects you if others try to use parts or all of your work without your permission.

Price: $

Paperback/Hard Cover Printing: You will decide on whether your book will be printed in either paperback or hard cover. 

Price: Varies depending on the size of your book and numbers of copies. Please contact us for a quote.

*Requires purchase of Editing Assessment package.
**Your turn around for providing the suggested revisions are not included in our turn around time.

**All of our editing will be done using track changes with comments and suggestions in comment bubbles.

**All services require a deposit of 50% of a total price is due at the time of submission via PayPal (no account required), check ($35 additional fee for NSF checks) or cash. Lioness Vizions LLC. reserves the right to no longer accept checks at any time.


Lioness Vizions LLC. is the vision turned vizion of Delina Hill-Brooker and Angenita Williams. In 2009 the two collaborated on a book entitled, Revealing and Healing: 3 Women’s Stories of Survival and because they both had strong desires to do more in the entertainment world, starting a multi-media company just made sense. 


After doing the leg work needed to start a company, and successfully publishing a book and the musical soundtrack to the book, Sounds of Healing, the two have branched out to include a full range of publishing services from critiquing and editing to printing and publishing.


Lioness Vizions understands that every author and writer has their own voice and a way they would like their stories to be told. This is why the goal of Lioness Vizions is to help our clients share their dreams with the world. 

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Testimonials of our Services

Angenita Williams completed an edit for me upon request of my first feature length screenplay. In addition to a thorough sweep of grammatical and syntax issues, was able to complete the edit in a timely fashion and provide suggestions for the revision in a format approach that was not intrusive upon the original document itself. I was completely satisfied and impressed with the work done and will utilize her services again. - Charlie Wiliams 


I looooooved having Delina sing at my wedding. I still have friends talking to me about the original song she sang and how well she sang it. She was great! - Courtney Penn


Delina has a beautiful voice and I would highly recommend her services. - Shunti Taylor


It was an absolute pleasure to have Delina sing at my wedding. She was referred by a good friend and boy did she deliver! Her delicate yet strong voice was inspiring to all. Several people complimented her after the performance and requested her service. She was professional, timely and easy to work with. I recommend Delina to perform for you if you desire a top quality soloist. - Natalie Southwell

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