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Rhasha Hoosier, Angenita Williams and Delina Hill-Brooker



This book is currently available as an ebook on Amazon with a free Kindle app on any mobile device. It is also available at Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, and the Memphis Whitehaven Branch Public Library, Memphis, TN, (Please click on the links to go directly to the sites).


We are sold out on copies of Sounds of Healing. (Proceeds from the sale of the CD were donated to organizations that help displaced women and children. 


The book, Revealing & Healing: 3 Women’s Stories of Survival, is three autobiographies in one. The characters Reign, Reality, and Dream tell their life stories from childhood through adolescence to early adulthood and how they all dealt with issues such as sexual abuse, depression, teen pregnancy, addiction, lack of self love, and more. Their real life testimonies attest to the fact that people who are in the same or similar situations can deal with them in different ways. After many attempts to cope with issues their way, they all come to a point where they are able to reveal their truths and come to a place of healing. 


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