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Venessa Bowers

Venessa Bowers has been a storyteller for

most of her life. A successful researcher, poet,

blogger, and dreamer, entering the world of

children’s imaginations is her greatest pleasure.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Venessa

had the privilege of studying dance, music, and

theater as a child and performed in nationwide

competitions. Her heart is happiest when she is

creating and researching the ancient art of



Venessa’s publishing career began as an

undergraduate student at Notre Dame College

of Ohio (NDC) where a variety of non-fiction and

poetic works were published in journals. She

earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in

Communication with minors in Spanish and

Theater in 1993 from NDC. After graduation, she worked in the PR and marketing industry writing and managing campaigns and promotional material for several companies.


Venessa earned her Master of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Communication from Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus in 2003. Her thesis was titled: “The Discursive Struggles of a Woman Left Lonely: Janis Joplin’s Navigation of Identity, Power, and Body” under the direction of major professor, Patrice M. Buzzanell, Ph.D.


Venessa began teaching directly after graduation at Ivy Tech Community College, teaching classes in public speaking. She was given a special Visiting Lecturer position at Colorado State University in 2004 to teach classes in speech, conflict management, and popular culture. Returning to Indiana in 2005, she began teaching at Indiana University, Indianapolis in Liberal Arts, and Informatics. Over the next five years she would teach classes in three different schools across the communication and writing curricula at the university. Venessa completed a second Master’s degree in Social Work at Indiana University in 2010.


As a licensed clinical social worker, certificated master forensic social worker, and certified clinical trauma professional, she works with children who have been affected by traumatic experiences. She continues to teach undergraduate classes in Social Work at Salisbury University. She uses creative expression as a treatment modality in her work with children in conjunction with more traditional therapeutic interventions.


Finally, she has been blogging and editing for Lioness Vizions for several years and is delighted to have earned a place in the Creative Den as Lioness Venessa. Her work here focuses on social change and political issues. Lioness Vizions will launch a new children’s book series which begins with Violet van Bumble’s Big Secret and includes a total of five stories that chronicle the lives of 5 children in Ms. Appledorf’s kindergarten class. Book Two in the serious: Billy Ponder’s Wild Imagination will be available in Fall 2016. Coming soon in the Children’s department is A Magical Duet and DayDreaming: Naturally Creative Meditations for Children all written by Venessa.



can be contacted at

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