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Our editing packages are our most popular service. We take pride in treating your manuscript as if it were our own to ensure it is not only something that our clients are happy with, but the readers who read their masterpieces as well. We believe that aside from the actual writing process, editing is the next most important step that should not be skipped. It is important to know that there are different types of editing that serve different purposes, and even the most well known authors have their work professionally edited. Here at Lioness Vizions LLC. we believe that your project is your baby. Our goal is not to change your story, or the voice of your story, but to enhance your vision and help you share your dreams with the world.

Assessment – The assessment package is required prior to beginning any other editing packaging. We do not read the full manuscript in this package, just the first 1,500 words. We do this so that our staff of editors can gain an idea of which editing package your particular manuscript needs, the correct editor for your project and offer a few constructive suggestions to help your manuscript flow as fluidly as possible. After the completion of your editorial assessment package you will receive a sample edit. This will also ensure that you will be satisfied with our services prior to paying for our other services. The average turnaround time for an editorial assessment is two weeks. 

Price: $30 flat rate 


Proofreading Package – This package is popular with people who are experienced writers who don’t need any changes in the structure. It is most commonly used by students, people whose first language is not English, business professionals who need an extra set of eyes for their reports, memos, short stories, screenplays etc. This package does not include any rewrites, comments or suggestions. It is important to choose this package if you are confident in the flow of your project.

Price: $0.03 per word

                                                            *Requires purchase of Editing Assessment
*Line Editing Package – Line editing is a deeper and more thorough edit that focuses its emphasis on correcting extensive spelling errors, grammar, word choice, overused words as well as punctuation. A line edit should only be done on a manuscript that is fully complete and will not need any revisions by you other than what the editor edits. 

Price: $0.04 per word
                                                           *Requires purchase of Editing Assessment 


*Content Editing Package – Our content editing package includes line editing and the consistency of the story line, strength of the characters and the overall feel and believability of the story. In this package, suggestions will be made for re-writes of portions of the story for more impact. 

Price: $0.05 per word
                                                          *Requires purchase of Editing Assessment

*Developmental Editing Package – This is our most popular package. It includes everything in the line and content editing as well as ensures that the content included in the manuscript is accurate, complete, organized, well developed as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation. The turn around time for a developmental edit varies on a case by case basis depending on the length of the book. Your personal editor will inform you of the estimated  time frame prior to purchase as well as continually providing you with updates throughout the editing process. 

Price: $.08 per word

                                             *Requires purchase of Editing Assessment

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